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Storytelling Specialists

Yumiko Mitsudo

An expert in storytelling, Yumiko Mitsudo focuses on developing activities for the Matsuyama Storytelling Club, Ehime in Japan. She holds a graduate degree in Children’s Literature from Newcastle University, and her literary works include “The Storytelling Hat: A Journey Through British Folk Tales” where listeners, upon being read to, fall gently into the narratives of the stories.

Nicola C. Grove

After obtaining her Ph.D from London University and teaching at City University of London, Nicola C. Grove relocated to the beautiful English countryside, launched the NPO (OpenStoryTellers) and is actively involved in enlightening the public about the benefits storytelling activities. Built on the academic disciplines of literature and education, stories are told in a new, dynamic and communicative style. We are fortunate that her interest in Japan brings her workshop here where we can experience the power of storytelling.