Where words and music meet: supporting those with communication difficulties - Collaborative work by Mariko Udo and Miyuki Takano -

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Hiroko UMETANI Profile

Research Cooperator
Music Therapy

Kansai Music Academy, instructor training course

[Work Experience and practice history]
Kansai Music Academy instructor training course, Instructor
Music therapist in facilities for the elderly, special needs schools, hospitals

Hyogo Prefecture Certified Music Therapist
Japan Music Therapy Association Certified Music Therapist

Citizens Voluntary Award (Hyogo Prefecture)

Mariko HARA Profile

Mariko HARA
Research Cooperator
Music Sociology

Manhattanville College, NY
Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University
Sociology, Philosophy, and Antholopology, University of Exeter

M.A. (Clinical Musicology)
Ph.D in Sociology (Music in Dementia Care)

Marketer/International Developer of vocational education, Human Holdings Co.Ltd
Administrator, Universal Studios Japan
Music Activity Coordinator, Japan Long Life

[Academic Experiences]
Teacher, Otemae University
Workshop facilitator Peninsula Medical School
Creative Staff / International Development, Otoasobi Project
Freelance Consultant/Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher at Høgskolen i Hedmark
  (Hedmark University College in Norway)